airbrush tattoos, airbrush body art, airbrush paint, airbrush stencils, temporary airbrush tattoos, body paint, co2 tanks, banners
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Airbrush Tattoos, Body Art, Body Paints,
Stencils, CO2 Tanks, Business Systems

airbrush tattoos, airbrush body art, airbrush paint, airbrush stencils, temporary airbrush tattoos, body paint, co2 tanks, banners

Airbrush Tattoo applied using airbrush tattoo stencil with Tribal Ink airbrush tattoo paint.

Tribal Ink FAQ


Q: Does it hurt when one gets a TRIBAL INK Airbrush Tattoo?


A: This is one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer is no! If anything, it tickles a little. When the curious minded approach one of our locations for the first time, they immediately notice the artist pointing a shiny chrome gun at the individual being “tattooed”. Since most folks are not very familiar with the airbrush, it is often mistaken for a real tattoo gun. This peaks interest and adds to the intrigue, which in turn helps build huge crowds (and huge profits). Anyone who has witnessed one of our locations can attest to this.


Q: How long does a TRIBAL INK Airbrush Tattoo last?


A: TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paint Airbrush Tattoo’s are instant drying, water resistant, and last on average a few days or can be removed instantly with isopropyl alcohol. The duration of the tattoo depends mainly on how it is cared for. Here are a few simple instructions to follow in order to maximize the duration of your TRIBAL INK tattoo.

Pat dry: After bathing or swimming

Powder: After bathing and throughout the day

Avoid: Direct contact with oils, lotions and soap

Remove: Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil


Q: What kind of paint do you use, and how safe is it for the skin?


A: TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paints are designed specifically for application to the skin. Produced in the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients, Tribal Ink Premium Body Paints are instant drying, and can last up to a week or can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paints can be applied with equal success via airbrush or hand brush. One four-ounce bottle of TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paint can render hundreds of quality airbrush tattoos. We do not know of a single case where there has been an adverse skin reaction due to the use of TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paints.


TRIBAL INK does not recommend the use of henna products for the following reasons. Henna products have in fact been banned by the FDA for use on the skin. Many individuals display adverse skin reactions to henna (ranging from mild to quite extreme) creating obvious liability factors to consider. Henna products are not instant drying, thus if the henna design is smeared during the staining and drying process, it will remain in that condition for the duration! Henna products must be mixed for use, and once mixed; they tend to have a very short shelf life. Furthermore, henna takes considerably longer to apply than TRIBAL INK Premium Body Art, again making it less cost productive. Henna has a distinct look to it that for the purpose of realism does not compare with the TRIBAL INK Airbrush Tattoo. Finally, the use of henna requires one to have definite artistic ability, which rules out the majority of entrepreneurs.


Q: What are the advantages of TRIBAL INK Airbrush Tattoos over other types of temporary body art?


A: TRIBAL INK Airbrush Body Art is by far the most realistic looking temporary Body Art. Rub on body art and messy henna products do not begin to compare. Once available only to the movie and modeling industry (at great cost) TRIBAL INK has made professional body art products available and affordable to all! Using TRIBAL INK Professional Airbrush Body Art Systems, anyone can produce awesome looking body art within seconds! Safe, quick, and easy, retail venders find TRIBAL INK

Airbrush Body Art to be a profitably fun way to make a living!


Q: What do I need to be up and running with airbrush body art?


A: Basically, all you need to perform a good airbrush tattoo is a compressor, airbrush, paint and stencils. There are different level setups depending on

what you want to do. If you just want to get started, you can start with one airbrush and black paint. If you are looking to go all out and set up a business

Then you will need to have at least five airbrushes and enough stencil designs to appeal to everybody. For more details on getting started, check out our tutorials and our on-line catalogue.


Q: What opportunities can I take advantage of with an airbrush body art business?


A: The income potential of this business is limited only by your imagination and perseverance. Here are just a few examples:


Tourist areas, beach scenes, theme parks, night clubs, malls, corporate parties, private parties, Sporting events, grand openings, promotional events, modeling & film shoots, fundraising events, carnivals, street fairs, state & county fairs, and more…. Some venders are making a comfortable living solely off airbrush tattoo’s business, while others use it to make some extra cash on the weekends.


Q: Do your stencils have an adhesive backing?


A: Absolutely not. We find sticky back stencils to be gross and messy. Who wants a stencil placed on them that has others hair stuck to it! Spray adhesive also defeats the purpose of non-toxic FDA approved ingredients. There are disposable stencils on the market, but they are quite expensive to use on an everyday basis. After experimenting with everything under the sun we have found “TRIBAL INK 10 mil easy clean Mylar” to be the strongest and most efficient stuff to use. At our high volume locations where speed and cleanliness is everything we use only the best. With a little practice, you will find that the sticky stuff is not necessary and it will not be missed!   


Q: What kind of airbrush do you recommend for airbrush body art?


A: Over the past few years we have experimented with many different types of airbrushes. We have found the Iwata Eclipse HP to be the most functional for our purpose. The Eclipse HP has been the most reliable, requiring the least amount of maintenance. The Iwata works well with pigment rich TRIBAL INK Premium Body Paints.


The latest fad out there is the multi color all in one airbrush system. With this system all colors are funneled through to one brush. Since water resistant paints need to be shaken, this system poses an immediate draw back, as all of the paint containers are connected to one mechanism. In addition, the single gun must be cleaned out before each color change (a three-color tattoo will take considerably longer with this system). If you are doing high volume work you may want to have two people spraying, and this would require two systems (very expensive). This airbrush system tends to clog a lot, waste paint, and slow the process down. All in all, not the best of ideas, but it sells well.


Q: How do I get the proper training to do airbrush body art?


A: TRIBAL INK Airbrush Body Art Business Systems are so user friendly that anyone can learn how to create masterful body art in as little as one day. For a nominal fee and with the purchase of a TRIBAL INK Professional Airbrush Body Art System, you may attend our 2 day Airbrush Body Art Boot Camp.


Q: I am looking for a business that will provide the possibility of long-term growth. How long do you think the airbrush body art trend will be around?


A: There is no doubt that tattoos are getting more and more popular. The advantage of temporary body art is that people can experiment without having the long-term consequences. There are many people who would never think of going the permanent route, but will not think twice about trying out a given design a few days. If I had a buck for every time someone approached me at one of our locations with the comment that they wish their tattoo had been temporary, I would be a very wealthy person! An industry leader, TRIBAL INK is looking forward to and planning for long-term growth!