airbrush tattoos, airbrush body art, airbrush paint, airbrush stencils, temporary airbrush tattoos, body paint, co2 tanks, banners
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Airbrush Tattoos, Body Art, Body Paints,
Stencils, CO2 Tanks, Business Systems

airbrush tattoos, airbrush body art, airbrush paint, airbrush stencils, temporary airbrush tattoos, body paint, co2 tanks, banners
airbrush tattoos, airbrush body art, temporary airbrush tattoos, airbrush stencils, co2 tanks, airbrush, airbrush paint

Airbrush Tattoo Business System

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Toll Free (866) 418-2868

or (714) 969-8121

Tribal Ink provides airbrush tattoo products and airbrush tattoo business systems for the airbrush tattoos, and temporary airbrush body art industries. Also for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own airbrush tattoo business.


Would you like to make money?  A single 4oz. bottle of airbrush tattoo paint with a retail price of $32 dollars may produce approximately $4,000 dollars or more of gross revenue!

Tribal Ink's main product offerings are designed to provide you with the equipment and supplies necessary to get you started in your own airbrush tattoo, temporary airbrush body art business. We have assembled a complete line of airbrush tattoo business systems. To promote and advertise your airbrush tattoos business we designed customized promotional and marketing materials such as business cards and care instruction cards, and advertising and marketing banners available in 2 sizes.


No artistic talent is required to operate your airbrush tattoo business, as all the airbrush tattoo designs for the temporary airbrush tattoos are based upon Mylar stencils. We conduct an airbrush training course that provides you the key information to help you launch and run your own airbrush tattoos and airbrush temporary body art business. Everything from how to find new clients, to what billing rates to charge, to insurance, to business licensing, to how to apply and be creative with the airbrush tattoo stencils, itís all covered. An overview - How to apply an airbrush tattoo using stencils.


Tribal Ink sells all the supplies necessary to maintain your airbrush tattoo and body art business. Items such as body paint, CO2 tanks, air compressors, manifolds and regulators, and hoses.


Please visit our store to browse our selection of airbrush tattoo and airbrush body art; products and airbrush business services.


Locations for setting up and running an airbrush tattoos; temporary airbrush body art, business system.


Tribal Ink airbrush tattoos and temporary airbrush body art products and airbrush business systems were created to answer your business needs with proven quality airbrush temporary body art products, and in-depth training from experienced professional staff.


Tribal Ink Airbrush Tattoo Systems invites you to contact us with any questions or comments. Call Toll Free in the United States at (866) 418-2868 or Internationally at 1 (714) 969-8121.




Mark Dixon

President, Tribal Ink

Airbrush Tattoo and Airbrush Body Art Systems